Strauss Brands - Established in 1937

The Strauss Family

For more than 80 years, Strauss Brands has provided high-quality, premium meats to discerning chefs, restaurants and retailers nationwide. Today, our family is proud to be a leading producer of ethically-raised, American family-farmed grass-fed beef, humanely raised veal and lamb. We believe in the ethical and humane treatment of our livestock, and strong relationships with farm families who proudly raise to Strauss’ exacting standards. We are passionate about supporting environmentally-sustainable raising practices through our growing network of American family farms.

Our family’s rich history in the meat and livestock industry dates back to 1937 when Strauss Brothers Packing began supplying their neighborhood with high-quality, farm-fresh meats. After 80 years, brothers and co-presidents, Randy and Tim Strauss, are carrying on the proud tradition and preparing to welcome the fourth generation into the business. We have proudly evolved our company into one of the nation’s leading providers of sustainable and humanely raised meats. 

We Believe...

Exceptional meat comes from exceptionally well-raised animals. Better for the cattle. Better for the Earth. Better for you. 

American family farmers deserve our support. We proudly partner with farmers who are committed to managing their land sustainably and naturally, preserving and protecting the land for generations to come. 

Cattle should be raised as nature intended - free to roam on natural open pastures, enjoying a diverse grass diet and free of growth promoting hormones and antibiotics. True grass-finishing is an art - we are proud to do our part to revive this almost-lost craft. 

Won't you join us?