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Ethically Raised

Family Farmed Meats

For over 80 years, the Strauss family has worked with America’s finest family farmers and ranchers to provide the highest quality, most sustainably raised meats to top chefs, restaurants and grocery stores.

  • Farmer Direct
    Sourced exclusively from our network of certified Free Raised® farmers in America's heartland with the most modern ethical and humane animal standards.
  • Butcher's Best
    Make Your House a Steak House. Our butchers expertly age each steak to ensure chef-quality flavor and tenderness. Then, each steak is hand cut to order, just for you.
  • 100% Heart Healthy
    Our Free Raised® meats are exactly the way nature intended – pasture grazed, antibiotic and hormone free, and never taken from feedlots – Just 100% healthy.
  • Free Shipping
    We offer free delivery to the contiguous 48 states. To protect tenderness and flavor, our chef-quality cuts are aged to perfection, individually vacuum-sealed, then flash-frozen to protect flavor and tenderness.

The Free Raised® Difference

A simple statement that clearly defines our vision for ourselves, our families, our company, and our future. Nature provides many gifts: the air we breathe, the earth beneath our feet, the food we eat, life itself. We believe that how we treat these gifts is a direct reflection on who we are. We take joy in this responsibility and apply that philosophy to the products that we offer.

Our journey to make that dream a reality won't be complete tomorrow or next month or next year. We will continue to research, educate, and grow as our depth of knowledge grows. We believe that sustainability via ethics is possible and necessary to achieve meaningful change. The success we've accomplished today is just the beginning. From these inspirations, we are proud to introduce Strauss Free Raised® Beef and Veal, heritage-bred, free range, and pasture-raised. When you choose Strauss Free Raised®, you accept nothing less than what nature gives. That's our family's pledge to you. Won't you join us?

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    Jessy, Strauss Free Raised® family farmer

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